Lizard Lick Towing rival

Repossessing cars is a tough job. Even after the cars have been picked up, you never know what angry and unstable person is going to come walking through the door to try to get their former property back.

Lizard Lick Towing” gives us a front row seat to this dangerous job. Tempers flare and fists fly when people lose their cars. But, Amy Shirley is no shrinking violet. This pretty lady holds 27 world, national, and state records in weightlifting. She can hold her own when faced with a threat during a car repossession or when some lunatic comes into the office to threaten the Lizard Lick staff.

Previously, the Lizard Lick crew had to repossess one of Amy’s fighting rival’s vehicles. It was a major situation where a gun was pulled. Later, the woman, named Sheila, showed up at Lizard Lick to try to pick a fight with Amy.

Sheila was sentenced to 6 months in jail and she blames Amy for it. Amy is pretty wise when it comes to this deadbeat. She runs the plates and VIN on the car that Sheila drove over in. Guess what? It needed to be repossessed, too! This fool showed up at a car repossession business in a car that needed to be repoed!

Of course, the Lizard Lick crew was not about to let them leave in that SUV. They grabbed it and then things escalated between Amy and Sheila.


Amy isn’t about to let anyone push her around. She’s a tough woman and she’s not going to back down. Once, when a loser came into the shop to try to get his car back, he and his gang of goons tried to physically take on Amy. She fought them all off. They thought they could target this pretty little lady, but they ended up running away. Click here to watch that!

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