Judge Judy idiot car

Judge Judy doesn’t have any time for idiots. In particular, she minces no words for people who won’t take responsibility for their own actions.

There are plenty of stupid people who parade in front of Judge Judy. One idiot decided to bring his mom with him so she could see just how stupid he is.

Michael Juarez believed a man named Richard stole his phone. Juarez demanded to see Richard’s phone to see if it was his. Richard didn’t take the phone so he wasn’t about to hand his over to overbearing and drunk Juarez.

After Richard refused, Juarez, who is considerably bigger, took it a step further and got physical with him. He ended up pushing Richard into his friend’s car, causing a dent that cost almost one thousand dollars to repair.

Judge Judy asked Juarez who was responsible for the dent caused by him throwing Richard into the car. The defendant refused to take responsibility. Judge Judy asked him multiple times before asking his mother to intervene to give her son some advice. Juarez refused to even listen to his mother!

Richard never actually¬†took Juarez’s phone! Juarez had forgotten it in his car. What an idiot!

Watch Judge Judy put this fool in his place in the video below.

I love when Judge Judy says to Michael Juarez, “Is there something wrong with you?” There clearly is! The man is an idiot!

If I was this man’s mother, I would be smacking him on the way out of the courtroom for embarrassing me like that! Why would he bring his mother to watch him play the part of a fool?

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