Chip Joanna Gaines proposal

You never know what will happen when renovating a house, but the latest episode of the popular home improvement show “Fixer Upper” takes the cake, the wedding cake that is.

After the big reveal, U.S. Marine TJ had a big question for his girlfriend Stephanie.

As Chip and Joanna Gaines watched, TJ dropped to one knee and asked Stephanie to marry him.

Chip told the happy couple, “What a beautiful start to the rest of your life. We both sincerely hope you live here happily ever after,” People reported.

TJ and Stephanie met while he recovered from a leg amputation after he had an injury from an IED during his Afghanistan tour, according to HGTV.

She was working for Wounded Warrior ProjectSouthern Living reported.

The couple had purchased the starter home before the show. With a small budget of $45,000 for repairs, the Gaineses raised donations for the couple from the residents of Waco, Texas to double the project’s budget to make the home more accessible.