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Breaking: Shane McMahon WILL Wrestle at Wrestlemania

After Daniel Bryan’s surprise return to in-ring action, it seemed to be the plan that he and Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon would get their revenge against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a tag-team match at Wrestlemania. But according to WWE.com , [1] Shane McMahon was on the verge of being out of Wrestlemania due to illness and injury [2].

But on the March 27th episode of Smackdown Live, Daniel Bryan declared that he and Shane McMahon, diverticulitis and all, will battle Owens and Zayn!


Commentary still held out a chance that Shane McMahon might not be ready. So there’s a chance this will be another handicap match, or perhaps someone else will join?

Zayn instantly accepted.

Should Shane McMahon wrestle despite his injury and illness? Share your thoughts.