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Alison Krauss Teamed Up with Shania Twain and Brought the House Down! (VIDEO)

Country music fans got a special treat a few years ago when Alison Krauss teamed up with Shania Twain to sing Twain’s big hit, “Forever and For Always.”

Their voices pair beautifully together on this award-winning song that was released in 2003.

It was the first time Krauss [1] and Twain [2] performed together and as you can see in the video below, it was a spectacular performance.

Original Vs. Remake

I really liked the original version of this song, but Alison Krauss seems to make every song even better [3]! She performs duets so well as she has such a tremendous ear for harmony.

Their voices pair so perfectly together that it’s hard to imagine that is the first time they performed together.

While it was the first time they performed together, it certainly wasn’t the last. Shania later performed again with Alison Kraus at Union Station.

One of the songs they sang was “You’re Still The One,” which was almost a chart-topper for Shania in the 1990s.

It peaked at #2. Alison sang backup and played the violin. What an honor to have someone who has won dozens of Grammys sing backup for you!

“You’re Still The One”

You can listen to this terrific performance in the video below.

“You’re Still The One” was a personal song that Shania wrote with her husband Robert John Lange. Many people believed their relationship would never last because of the age difference. The song was meant to address those comments and serve as a public proclamation of their love.

The couple did eventually end up splitting up in 2010 after 17 years of marriage. Lange had an affair with Shania’s best friend, causing the split.

Shania eventually changed the words up a bit when she performed it on American Idol. Click here to watch that performance [4].

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