Unemployment is terrifying. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living alone renting an apartment or you’re the sole provider for a family of four. While you may feel pressured and stressed about finding a new job, it’s key to stay calm and not appear too desperate in your interviews. If employers sense your desperation, they may be hesitant to hire you. Incorporate these tips for a successful job search.

Get a Reliable List of References

Most employers request references that can vouch for your job performance. Before you list people as references, contact them to let them know you’ve included them. Having your references lined up ahead of time makes it easier to move through the job search process. Have at least three references along with their job title and contact information. Take several copies of your references with you to job interviews so you don’t have to search through your phone for the information.

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

Your potential employers will probably search through your social media accounts before your job interview. If you’re on the job market, go through your social media accounts and clean up anything that may appear unprofessional. And if you don’t already have any social media accounts, create a LinkedIn account at a minimum to showcase your professional history.

Research the Company Before a Job Interview

Never go into a job interview without thoroughly researching the company you’re applying for. If you can find out information about the department or position, you put yourself at an advantage. You should never ask the interviewer what the company does. Most companies have a website, so there’s no an excuse for not researching the company. You should also read through the company’s social media accounts and press releases to get the latest news and updates on changes the company has gone through.

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Use Social Media In Your Job Search

Gone are the days of searching through the classified ads in the newspaper to find a job. Most companies post jobs online now, sometimes even on their social media sites. Visit the social media pages of companies in the industry that you want to work to see if any jobs have been posted. You can even use your social media profiles to ask your network about jobs that may be open but haven’t been posted yet.

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Update Your Resume

While it’s a good idea to always keep your resume updated, you should definitely update it before sending it out to any potential employers. If you’re not great at resume writing, ask a friend, relative, or other professional contact for advice on how you can improve your resume. Be sure to focus on your accomplishments at your most recent positions to put yourself in the most positive light.

Keep An Open Mind About Companies and Positions

While you may have an idea of the ideal position, you shouldn’t discard other opportunities that may arise. Consider every opportunity that comes your way. You may be surprised to find a dream job in an industry or with a company that you never would have considered if you’d closed your mind off to other opportunities.

Unemployment is a scary situation. Even if you have savings or unemployment income, there’s still a certain level of uncertainty for the future. Keep a positive mind while you’re job searching. Stay up to date on industry news by reading professional articles and books. Don’t give up on the search. Remain prepared so you’ll be ready when an opportunity presents itself.

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