Southern women

Southern women have a special flair about them. They speak their mind by using sayings that people in other parts of the country would just never think of! A southern accent is charming, but the colorful expressions are what is so “dern” wonderful about the Southern vernacular.

Wrap this up with four animated women and you have “Sh!t Southern Women Say.” The Southern Women Channel has several videos with these four ladies serving us up some Southern vernacular.

“What I love about the South is the South has the ability to laugh at itself,” Julia Fowler, who wrote and starred in the viral videos, said. “We know we’re funny, we know we’re special. To strike the right tone is difficult, and I didn’t know if I would or not. I’m sure I offended people. I’m sure some people love it.”

These Southern Women tell it how it is. They bless everyone’s hearts and dish the dirt on people whose glory days are in the rearview mirror.

After watching the video below, you might be more excited than a Granny at a yard sale to watch more of these women’s hilarious videos. Be warned that while these videos are fun, some language is not safe for little ears or work!

I don’t live in the South, but I’ve been known to say, “Jesus drank wine.” That’s the perfect excuse to have a glass… or a bottle.

The second episode is below. You’ll learn important Southern advice, such as “The best way to not get pregnant is to hold an aspirin between your knees.”

“I ain’t Japanese. I’m using a fork!” might be my favorite line from that video.

If you enjoy listening to Southerners talk, click here to see a boy with the cutest Southern accent make up a grocery list with his momma!

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