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The best comedians can make you laugh by telling stories. The greatest part is, these stories often have an element of truth to them. And that is what makes them all the funnier. People can relate to the stories being told and we get to laugh at situations we might not laugh at in our own lives.

Comedian Ron White is able to do just that when he talks about his wife’s dog she had when they first met. What follows is an uproarious story. Her dog was 15 years old. As soon as he met the dog, he knew it wasn’t long for this world. If you’ve ever lost a beloved pet, you know how painful saying goodbye can be. Imagine being in that situation with someone you had just started dating!

Of course, his instinct was right. Ron was left consoling a woman he had recently met who had suddenly lost her best friend of so many years. He asked Jeff Foxworthy what to do. Jeff told Ron to get her another dog. His girlfriend protested that she didn’t want another dog.

Ron got her a brand new puppy anyhow and it helped heal her broken heart. Ron then flashes forward to after they are married and his wife faces a huge loss. How he responds to that will have you cracking up! Watch the video below for a good laugh!

Too funny! He even had Snoop Dogg cracking up! The reason being is it is a story people can relate to. Not to mention it is really funny.

Ron also has some important marital advice. He warns people not to marry someone for their looks. Looks change, but stupid is forever! That is a lesson some of us learned too late!

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