Judge Judy stolen dog

Judge Judy does not tolerate nonsense in her courtroom. She also does not spare anyone’s feelings when she renders a verdict. And she certainly met viewer expectations in the case of two people arguing over ownership of the same dog.

Who Owns the Dog?

A woman claims to have bought a dog outside a store for $50. But, a man says it is his dog who was missing. The cute little white pup was brought into the courtroom and immediately started looking at the plaintiff with anticipation. The dog clearly knew and loved the man. When Judge Judy ordered the dog to be put down on the courtroom floor, it quickly ran to the man who claimed original ownership.

The woman tried to claim the dog did that to everyone, but Judge Judy didn’t buy it. There were many people in that courtroom, but the dog chose to seek out one in an enthusiastic way. That person was the plaintiff. It was obvious to everyone in that courtroom except the defendants who refused to release him.

Who Does the Dog Choose?

Judge Judy immediately issued a ruling by saying, “It’s his dog. That’s all, take the dog home.”

The video below is one that every dog lover needs to see! This is justice!

What a great ending to this story! I can’t imagine that man’s heartache knowing someone else had his dog! He got the right judge to settle this dispute!

Where did this woman think this dog came from when she bought it from a stranger for $50? Dogs are stolen all the time. If she wants a dog, she should go to a shelter and pick one out that is in need of an owner.

This story has a great ending. I’m glad Judge Judy intervened and sent this dog home to his rightful owner!

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