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Humorist Jeanne Robertson can turn any situation into a funny one. She can even take a stressful situation and make it hilarious.

After being introduced as a former Miss America contestant, Jeanne explained that she no longer carries her crowns in her purse. She then told a hilarious story about speaking at a school.

A Florida school was having her come to talk to high schoolers about having a sense of humor. But, the superintendent decided to invite all the students in the school district. That included the kindergarteners. This gave Jeanne a hot flash, or as she says they say in North Carolina, “a personal summer.” This is quite a challenging age span to address at the same time. 5-year-old jokes vary greatly from 18-year-old jokes!

Jeanne’s talk wasn’t going to be something the five-year-olds could understand. The superintendent told Jeanne that they pushed the Miss North Carolina angle with the kindergartners. But, they failed to explain that she was a former Miss North Carolina and not the current one.

Well, when the kindergartners came in, one of them broke loose. The little girl approached Jeanne and asked her, “Where is Miss, North Carolina?” Jeanne’s response was perfect and hilarious!

Watch the video below for a good laugh! If you aren’t a Jeanne Robertson fan, you will be after watching this!

Jeanne obviously isn’t used to speaking with 5-year-olds, but at least she can laugh at herself. Not many female celebrities will make fun of their own age!

This is the brand of humor many of us crave. We are so tired of the put-downs and vulgar language. Jeanne provides us with laughter without attacking anyone. This is family-friendly comedy!

If you thought that video was funny, click here to watch Jeanne explain why she uses a broom instead of a gun!

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