jack webb dragnet

It’s amazing at times to come across something so old that is still easily applicable to today. Such is the case with an episode of Dragnet. Three goofy teenagers, not liking the United States and their condition want to start their own country and are caught stealing to fund their venture. Joe Friday sits them down and sets them straight. The scary thing is, this exact same speech could be delivered on college campuses around the nation!

It’s stunning to listen to this. Even with all the technological advancements made since the airing of this episode, the speech still pertains to the current satiation in this country. The social justice warriors of their day didn’t realize how good they had it living in the United States of America.

Joe Friday and Bill Gannon pointed out that when they were growing up, 100 men would show up trying to get one job because there wasn’t much work. People went hungry and children died of polio. There was, and still is, a lot more to be grateful for than bitter about.

This video is very applicable to the whiner’s of today who complain about everything. It’s something the people in the Resistance movement or Black Lives Matter need to see!


I love the way the conversation starts, with the typical teenage response, “You just don’t get it!” The part that stands out the most to me is when Joe Friday talks about people wanting instant gratification. That is so true. They demand results immediately. The fact is that results take time. Everybody wants what they want now and if they don’t get it, look out. 

Share this with others! Maybe they’ll play it for their kids and people will realize that newer generations have it pretty easy compared to our elders!

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Source: Just A Moment