Tiger Scares Man At the zoo

There’s a very good reason why you can’t touch the animals at the zoo. No matter how cute and playful the animals may seem, they are wild and should not be messed with.

Thankfully, zoos install fences and glass barriers to keep us safe, but that hasn’t stopped some people from getting too close to them.

One man at the Chimelong Safari Park in China was being recorded by his friend while he was leaning up against the glass which housed a beautiful white tiger.

At first, the tiger didn’t pay much attention to the man but eventually began to stalk him, not realizing that there was a thick piece of glass between the two of them.

As the tiger got closer and closer to the unsuspecting tourist, the man finally realized what was happening behind him. The tiger suddenly lunged at the man, hoping to grab a quick bite.

This video is very scary, but thankfully this man was unharmed. Check out the clip below:

While I’m sure this man knew that he was perfectly safe from this tiger, he had to have been terrified when this huge creature lunged at him. Even at the zoo, this tiger clearly has his natural instincts¬†and saw this man as prey to be hunted.

Had there been no glass barrier, the man would not have gotten far and this tiger would have quickly eaten him for lunch. I wonder what was running through this man’s head as he quickly darted away from the glass. Maybe he thought that the tiger was strong enough to bust through the glass and attack him?

Military veteran Wayne Dupree has some thoughts on this amazing video, and you can check those out below:

How would you have reacted to this tiger? Would you have sprinted away in fear? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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