15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance  – could the actual Geico slogan be true?

For Reddit blog commentor, 30YearOldHeart – it certainly was true.  According to this post on Reddit a simple switch of car insurance companies netted him a savings of $32/month for a total of $384.  That comes out to over 30% in savings.  He went from paying $102/month with Progressive to paying $70/month with Geico for the same exact coverage.

Additionally, he decided to quit a monthly yoga studio membership for $99/month for an at-home, free yoga practice that he was able to find on YouTube.   There are hundreds of great FREE videos on Youtube or on the internet.

Combined those savings add up to over $1,500.  Other things you can start to negotiate include the cable bill.  You can go from one provider to another or consider cutting the cord all together.  Here are all the ways to stream cable tv, so you can cancel your contract. 

Here’s to more savings in 2018!