If the world was perfect, we would always have fully funded vacation accounts ready for our next getaway. In reality, most of us have to worry about saving money to make those vacations a reality. Here’s how to save for a vacation in three months.

Vacation Spending Plan

Decide on how much money you’ll save for the vacation upfront. Get into the details by calculating your costs for plane tickets, hotel, meals, souvenirs, and any other additional entertainment.
Tally up your expenses. If the final total is staggering, cut back on costs until you come to an amount that you are comfortable spending.  You may want to check out these 10 sites to save money on your vacation to help you save a few dollars.

If money is tight,you may want to avoid the top destinations and travel somewhere cheaper. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save on your getaway by doing this.

After making your vacation budget, open a dedicated vacation savings account. With a little bit of self control, you can save enough to achieve your vacation budget within 3 months.

2. Eat In

The average American spends approximately $232 every month eating meals at restaurants instead of eating at home. The money spent eating at restaurants can be diverted towards your savings for your vacation fund.  Some millennials are known to overindulge when going out.

For households with children, food can be a large monthly expense. An easy way to save money on home-cooked food is to buy in bulk or shop at farmers markets. In addition, refrain from buying packaged goods you don’t really need, like pop tarts, sodas and other treats. Keep them out of your grocery cart while you’re saving for your vacation.

If you want to treat yourself to a night out, you can eat dinner at home and have a dessert out. Showing a little bit of restraint can go a long way whilst you’re saving for your vacation.

3. A Little Extra Work

In the 3 months prior to your vacation, take a side job to make some extra money. Its a bit of extra work, but think of all the fun you’ll be having on your stress-free vacation.

There are many ways to earn extra money outside of your regular job.  Some ideas for part-time work include, driving for Uber, baby-sitting and dog walking. If you have an eye for design, the ability to code or perhaps a knack for selling, consider freelancing your skills on Upwork (or Fiverr)…the sky is the limit for odd jobs.  Here are a bunch more ways to make money this weekend

4. Let Your Credit Card Pay You Back

In the 3 months prior to your vacation, try using a “rewards” or “air miles” credit card for buying your daily necessities from groceries to gas. Watch your rewards pile up.  If you have good credit, the Chase Sapphire cards are perfect for savvy travelers.  After a spending limit over the first three months, you are offered a significant number of free miles to use.

Use your rewards to get discounts on your plane tickets, hotel or entertainment on your trip. Always pay off your balance at the end of the month. Don’t collect vacation debt as a souvenir.

By taking these steps you’ll be a lot closer to achieving your dream vacation. Best of luck and bon voyage!