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Here’s Why You Should Never Buy Anything From The Ball Family!

LaVar Balls Big Baller Brand has received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau after the company received a ton of negative

It appears that the Ball family cannot catch a break following the arrest of LiAngelo Ball for shoplifting from a store in China.

The family’s Big Baller Brand is getting an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau, a major blow to the company’s struggling reputation.

Some customers were shipped the wrong merchandise and others were shipped no merchandise at all after they had paid for their items, forcing the BBB to give them an “F” until they fix their business practices.

Blair Looney, CEO of the Better Business Bureau for Central California, informed all consumers that they should be very careful when thinking about purchasing merchandise from Big Baller Brand.

The company is not even a year and a half old and it has over 30 complaints. 14 of those complaints are delivery-related, and 15 are complaints about their products or the company’s service in general. Some customers are so dissatisfied with their products that they are asking for refunds, which Big Baller Brand does not give.

I know many people support LaVar Ball and his sons, but few are willing to buy their products, especially, when their cheapest shoes are $220.

A video explaining Big Baller Brand’s “F” rating is below:

When you’re shopping and you see “absolutely no refunds,” that’s usually a sign to take your business elsewhere. Remember, LaVar Ball argued that his son stealing from a store “Ain’t that big of a deal,” so I am not surprised that this company would rip off its customers.

If it wasn’t for his talented sons, LaVar Ball would be a nobody in the sports world. We already know he lacks a strong moral foundation when it comes to stealing, so I can only imagine the attitude he has towards potential customers.

If Big Baller Brand ever expects to improve its reputation it needs to make some serious changes and become a credible business.

LaVar Ball needs to ensure that his company is taking steps to not rip off their customers, like offering refunds. Until this happens, Big Baller Brand will continue to have an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau for a long time.

Would you ever buy something from LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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