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WATCH: Woman Foils Attempted Kidnapping In Broad Daylight!

A fast-acting South African woman was able to escape an attempted abduction [1] at her home and it was all caught on surveillance video. They thought she was an easy target because she was alone. They thought wrong!

In the video, the woman drives up to her gated home and when the gate opens, her dog runs out to greet her. As she is getting out of her Range Rover to get the dog out of the way of her vehicle, you see another car barreling down the road. When the woman figures out what is happening, she quickly springs into action.

She realizes what is going on and quickly jumps back in the car, throws it into reverse, and speeds down the street backward. When seconds mattered, she didn’t waste any time.

You can see it all unfold in the video below.

That was close. Her¬†quick¬†thinking was able to spare her from a carjacking or an abduction. Perhaps, they were trying to abduct her for a ransom. The results could have been horrific for her and her family. This was probably the best case scenario as she and the dog were both safe. It’s a shame she will always think of this day every time she comes home, though.

Some commenters were claiming this video was fake because the video was so clear. But Facebook user Bob Saia made some important points when he wrote “Nothing fake here, High end properties with multiple quality video captures, tall fences and gates shrouded with razor wire and a resident aware of the possibility. And the little dog stays well protected until mommy comes home and the gate rolls open. South Africa.”

It’s always important to be prepared and aware of your surroundings. You can also learn how to escape being handcuffed with zip ties by clicking here [1].

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