He Cant Tie His Tie, So He Looks For Help In Unusual Place!

A Chinese man conducted a tie experiment where he went around asking random people to help him tie his tie for his big job interview

During the Christmas holidays, we tend to remember how much we need to love each other and care for those who are less fortunate. Even in today’s times where the younger generation might be selfish, most of us do care about others.

In the video below, a Korean man pretended he had his first big job interview but didn’t know how to tie his tie. His experiment was to ask strangers on the road if they could help him tie his tie.

All the individuals he asks are helpful, and I think the biggest surprise was watching strangers stop what they were doing and tie his tie for him, or help him in some way that would satisfy the experiment.

Such acts of kindness are still prevalent in today’s society, but we don’t see it occur in public as often as we should.

Check out this powerful experiment in the video below:

I think what really touched me was the older woman who helped out the young man. She reminded me of my mom. Her caring voice and her need to make sure the young man was okay really touched me.

The video has been seen more than 120,000 times, and here are some of the YouTube responses:

“The woman with hotpack, the onion ninjas are at it once more.”

“That final girl made me tear up a bit. She was so candy.”

“The woman that provided her pocket hotter, OMG it introduced an enormous smile to my face.”

Did you see the kindness of the elderly lady? Did it not warm your heart? When I saw this I just about died. I love this woman, and I don’t even know her. I hope that young man working this experiment takes her generosity and shares it with others.

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Source: YouTube

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