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We all have periods in our lives where we struggle. Some of us have a harder time than others, especially those who have depression. It can be incredibly hard to pick yourself back up when you fall on rough times.

Jose Antonio was an electrician. He suffered from crippling depression that made him unable to work. He lost everything and ended up on the streets, compounding his misery.

He found a job working in a parking lot. This allowed him to earn enough money for food. Haircuts and new clothes were luxuries Jose simply could not afford.

Salvia Garcia owns a hair salon adjacent to the parking lot where Jose works. He invited the former electrician in for a makeover, hoping it would boost his self-confidence. This simple makeover may have ended up changing Jose’s life.

This is what Jose looked like before Garcia went to work. His life was headed on the right path as he was tackling his depression and had a job that covered his meals, but Garcia had some work to do in order to clean Jose up a bit.

Jose Antonio

Jose didn’t want to see himself during the transformation. Instead, he wanted the big reveal after everything was done. The end result was so shocking that even Jose couldn’t believe it. He forgot what he looked like underneath all that hair!

It is amazing how impactful a stylist can be. When you’re looking cleaned up, you can feel so much better. Imagine how the homeless man felt when he looked in the mirror and saw this:

Amazing! He doesn’t look the same at all. I bet people didn’t recognize him when he returned to work at the parking lot!

Ladies immediately gave their approval!

thumbs up

Hopefully, this confidence helps Jose get back on his feet again. Depression can’t be healed by a haircut, but this will help him step outside the stereotype of being homeless.

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