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The Worst WWE Storylines Of 2017

There have been some bad storylines in the WWE in 2017, something I probably don’t have to tell our observant readers. Of course, some storylines [1] were worse than others, but here are my top picks for 2017.

Baron Corbin Winning MITB

Well, this storyline does not require a lot of explanation. Even though I have no problems with Corbin [2], god this was an awful turn of events, not to mention the failed cash in.

The biggest problem with this storyline? Most WWE fans would have preferred Sami Zayn [3] to get that briefcase. Let’s face it. Sami with the briefcase would have been an excellent option at a time where he could have used the boost.

The House of Horrors

Unfortunately, the House of Horrors [4] was a brilliant concept, but the execution was once again lacking. The entire thing could not have been more boring, not to mention that the production value of the whole thing was weak. What could have been one of the best pieces of WWE television instead turned into one of the worst rivalries of the year.

“This Is Your Life”

I honestly love Alexa Bliss [5], but god that “This Is Your Life” segment was atrocious. Props to Alexa though, because it could have been even worse if executed by another female wrestler. Alexa barely got away with it because of her charisma.

Randy Orton Winning the Royal Rumble

There were some storylines that made little sense in 2017, and Randy Orton [6] winning the Royal Rumble was undoubtedly one of them. Yes, he did go on to win the title at WrestleMania, but he was just a transitional champion until Jinder Mahal.

The whole point of the Royal Rumble [7] is to give a new athlete a shot, not someone who won it many times before (at least this is what it used to be like). With these surprising wins, fans are either pleasantly surprised or disappointed.

Neville Being Traded for Enzo Amore

One of the worst trades in WWE history, the WWE pushing Enzo Amore on 205 Live [8]! By pushing Amore, the WWE wasted Neville’s talent, causing him to walk out shortly afterward. Time will tell if Neville will return to the WWE or not.

Jinder Mahal’s Title Run

jinder mahal championship

Jinder Mahal’s title run [9] was not one of the most successful, or interesting ones for that matter. At least something good came out of it, more specifically the Singh Brothers, which I adore. Aside from that, I wish to forget this title run.

Brock Remains WWE Champion

Don’t have to explain much here. I could describe Brock Lesnar’s title reign [10] in one sentence: “Out of shape and protected wrestler huffs and puffs his way through five-minute suplex matches.”

What were the worst moments of 2017 in your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below!