Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey gets to meet some remarkable youngsters on “Little Big Shots.” They each leave an impression upon Steve, but it appears he met his match with a five-year-old named Natalie.

Natalie has more spark and charisma than most people ten times her age. This girl is so cute and sassy that she will have you laughing just by being herself. Natalie took control of that stage, all while exposing that her sister gets in trouble all the time. She also accused her mother of being 68 years old and her sister of being 58.

She spells her sister Samara’s name “Nyphlty,” and there is no way anyone could tell her differently! When Steve challenges Natalie, the young girl threatens to tell Steve’s wife. This girl has the gift of gab and the spirit of a performer at such a young age.

The best part of Natalie’s appearance on the show is when she prays for Steve. She makes him get on his knees so she can pray over him. She asks everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes. She demands there be “no peeking.” Among other things, she asks God to help Steve “stop cussing in the name of the Jesus.” She asks for lots of blessings over Steve and his wife in this adorable prayer.

Watch the adorable interview in the video below!

Steve is right. She needs a reality show. That child has a tremendous amount of sass. I can’t imagine how she will be as a teenager! She will either be a star or in trouble!

“Little Big Shots” allows us to meet some adorable and talented children through our television sets. Steve’s interview with Claire Ryann is incredibly adorable. Claire has made a number of viral videos of Disney songs. When Steve tried to sing for Claire, she was not impressed! Click here to watch that video.

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