New Optical Illusion Has The Internet Completely Stunned!

optical illusion

Everyone loves a good puzzle because it forces you to use your problem-solving skills to figure out a complex situation. Some puzzles are easier than others, but some can be downright impossible to figure out.

Researcher Kohske Takahashi has just presented the world with an optical illusion which he called the “curvature blindless illusion.”

Check out the illusion below:

optical illusion

As you can see from the top left of the image, against the white background, every set of lines has the exact same shape (a sine curve). However, when the same lines are viewed against the gray background, “the lines where the top curve is black and the bottom curve is white still look rounded, while the lines where each curve is half-black and half-white look like sharp angles.”

No one knows exactly why our brains perceive the image in this manner, but Takahashi has his own theory:

The underlying mechanisms for the gentle curve perception and those of obtuse corner perception are competing with each other in an imbalanced way and the percepts of corner might be dominant in the visual system.

If you thought this optical illusion was challenging, check out the one below involving a dog’s face:

dog optical illusion

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If you’re still having fun with these challenging puzzles and illusions, you’ll enjoy the next one as well.

A brain teaser involving glasses is causing a bit of a stir on Facebook. This viral puzzle is getting quite a lot of comments regarding what the answer is. Take a look at it below and see if you can figure out the answer. You have to look very closely to get this one!

Which glass will be filled first? 🤔

Posted by Quiz Social on Sunday, October 15, 2017

Click here to find out the answer to this brain teaser as well:

Were you able to figure out all three of these puzzles and optical illusions? Let us know which ones were the toughest in the comments section below!

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