man kicks woman down stairs

A Bulgarian man who viciously kicked a woman down the stairs of the Berlin Metro got a taste of his own medicine.

Svetoslav Stoykov was sentenced to 2 years and 11 months in prison for kicking a random woman down a flight of stairs. He claims he doesn’t remember attacking the woman because he was so high on drugs. Video of the episode caused international outrage, and a manhunt ensued, with Stoykov being identified and admitting it was him.

While in Berlin’s Heidering Prison, Stoykov has learned what it feels like to be on the other side of a violent attack. Inmates hid their faces with their t-shirts and stormed into the subway attacker’s cell as a guard opened the door. The Bulgarian man had been relaxing on the couch when he was beaten by his fellow inmates. They quickly disappeared after viciously attacking their fellow prisoner.

A police investigator said, “He screamed so loud in fear and pain that the guard even heard him through the closed door and immediately ran back.” The prison guard sounded the alarm and everyone was immediately locked in their cells.

Maybe he is finally understanding the repercussions of his actions after he brutally attacked an innocent woman. Apparently, the other inmates don’t take kindly to men who beat women.

The alarming video of the subway attack is below. Stoykov sneaks up behind the woman before giving her a rather hard kick. After tumbling down the stairs, her face slams on the floor, and the contents of her bag spill all over the ground. The creep is then seen casually walking away with his friends.

What a monster! I don’t feel sorry for this man at all. He clearly had no compassion for the woman he attacked. He just picked her out at random for no reason, other than to harm her.

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Source: Unilad