Mongoose hunts cobra

Several golfers got quite a surprise when they spotted a cape cobra on a South African golf course where they were playing. The highly venomous snake was actually being hunted by a mongoose right in front of them.

The mongoose has a low susceptibility to the cape cobra’s venom, giving it a tremendous advantage over the snake. The small but persistent predator ran circles around the medium-sized¬†poisonous snake as a golfer filmed the hunt. Video of this encounter is below.

The golfer must have wanted to return to his game after watching this hunt! Hopefully, the mongoose had the snake for lunch!

Snakes are apparently something that South African golfers have to be concerned about discovering on a regular basis.

Golfers on a course in Zimbali, South Africa came across a huge python that slithered onto the green on May 9. This video, recorded by Ntokozo Mthembu, shows the snake as it moved from the green onto the path. Kyle Caitano, who works at the Zimbali Golf Course and is seen in the video, said the snake has been around for some time and, according to reports, often settles between hole 2 and hole 8.

A python isn’t a venomous snake and it rarely preys on humans, but it would be rather jarring to have this beast slither across the green right in front of you! Check out that video below!

I might have to stop playing and hit the clubhouse for drinks after seeing either of these snakes on the golf course. I’d be afraid of what I would find at the next hole! I’d give up and head right off the green.

A Florida golf course is home to a Godzilla-sized gator that is about 16 feet long! Locals call him Chubbs and he is quite a beast. Click here to see a video of him roaming around the course!

After reading this story, I am definitely reminded of the classic “Riki Tiki Tavi!” A clip of that movie is below:

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