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This Man Proves Why He Has The Quickest Draw in History!

Bob Munden [1] was called “The Fastest Man With A Gun Who Ever Lived.” The American quick draw shooter could draw and shoot a gun in less than .02 seconds.

His shots have to be shown in slow motion to even believe them! As you can see in the video below, Munden was not only fast, but he was also accurate.

This is astonishing!


Munden wasn’t just a quick draw shooter. He was experienced with a variety of firearms. His accuracy was unbelievable with anything he shot. The video below shows a compilation of Bob shooting different weapons.

It all began when 6-year-old Bob Munden got a BB gun from Santa. He later made money shooting crows in the fields for bounty money. By 11 years of age, young Bob had entered his first fast draw tournament using a cap gun holster! He did not win that day but it inspired him to work harder.

Bob would do odd jobs such as raking pine needles and cutting wood to earn money to buy ammunition. That’s not something you hear many kids doing, but Bob Munden was no ordinary kid!

It paid off as Bob started entertaining crowds with his shooting style by age 20. He taught himself to build guns that could withstand the stresses of Quick Draw. He made his guns look stock, but were customized to handle intense use. He called these Race Guns.

Bob’s wife Becky is a shooting champion in her own right. The couple met when she attended a Fast Draw tournament to watch her brother compete. She took a liking to Bob immediately and the sport of shooting became better for it!

Bob died in 2012, but he is still considered the best quickdraw shooter who ever lived. He is said to have won over 3,500 fast draw trophies. He thrilled fans who loved to see him shoot and many of his records still stand years after his death.

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