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Viewers never have to wonder what Judge Judy is thinking in the courtroom. The no-nonsense judge is pretty straightforward with her opinions. That’s why people tune in to watch her brand of justice on a daily basis.

Judge Judy Has No Tolerance

Judge Judy uses her powerful voice to help victims, especially children. She has no tolerance for mistreating children. She won’t accept any excuses because frankly, there aren’t any excuses for some of the behavior that passes through her courtroom. Of course, if a child is unruly she will not give that kid a pass. But, if an adult is abusing his authority over a child, Judge Judy is going to smack them with the swift hand of justice.

That’s exactly what happened when a parent sued for a refund of tuition after her son was locked in a crowded storage closet for talking during class. The boy claims he was in the closet for 5 or 6 hours and other children had been forced into the closet as well. The door was locked so they were unable to get out in case of an emergency or to use the restroom!

Judge Judy Gets Right to the Point

Judge Judy gets right to the source of the problem: the educators. She asks the teachers about their own education and neither one of them had a bachelor’s degree. One of the teachers only had a high school education, yet they were presenting themselves as educators with appropriate credentials to teach children with special needs.

These teachers had probably never watched Judge Judy’s show before because they should have known that she wouldn’t tolerate this nonsense of locking children in a closet for hours! When one of the educators, Mr. England, got sassy with Judge Judy, he immediately regretted it!

Watch Judge Judy lay down the law:

BOOM! Judge Judy is right. That school is fortunate the mother wasn’t suing for damages. They got off easy by only having to refund the tuition.

Judge Judy has a history of defending children from bad situations. Click here to watch her unload on a “moron” mom who told her 6-year-old there is a chance the mother’s ex-husband is not her father.

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