Chooka Parker

Chooka Parker doesn’t look like someone you would see on a star-studded talent search. The judges on Australia’s Got Talent seemed to write off the 16-year-old homeschooled farm boy before he even performed. He grew up not watching TV or even using a computer. As a simple farm boy, he was unlike other contestants on the show.

They were completely in disbelief at what Chooka did next. He is self-taught on the piano. Even more impressive is the fact that he composed a song on the spot for the audition. This kid is going places! He’s a piano prodigy talented beyond measure.

He was given a Mozart CD when he was 11. This led to him being drawn to classical music. He didn’t even start playing piano until he was 14. Two years later, the self-taught musician was on stage performing for his entire country!

As you can see in the video below, one of the judges was even brought to tears by Chooka’s performance.

Wow! What an amazing talent he has. It is astounding that he taught himself to play piano just two short years before! Unbelievably, Chooka didn’t win that Season of Australia’s Got Talent. He actually got beat out by a dance team called Instant Bun. One of the judges dumped him despite fans wanting the teen prodigy to continue.

Since the show, Chooka won the People’s Choice Award at MusicOz Awards in May 2012 and even performed at the famous Sydney Opera House. This is an amazing accomplishment for a teen without a television or internet!

Chooka has recently been writing music for a television mini-series. He continues performing and is still looking for his big break into the music industry. With a talent like his, he could be an international star someday.

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