At Wrestlemania 33, WWE Universal Champion Goldberg squared off against Brock Lesnar.

In Goldberg’s previous two matches during his return to WWE, against Lesnar and Kevin Owens, the matches were both less than 2 minutes.

Many people joked that the entrances would be longer than the match.

Well, it turns out they were wrong. The match actually turned out to be quite fun and longer!

And Brock showed off what a freak athlete he is.

Brock suplexed Goldberg 10 times!

Then Brock hit Goldberg with an F-5 to capture the Universal Title.

And, for the record, here is how long the match was:

What the Length of this Match Meant

Lesnar has been champion ever since. He has defended the belt three times. Once against Samoa Joe, another in a five-way with Joe, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman, and finally against Strowman in a single’s match at No Mercy. The two single’s matches lasted less than ten minutes. The five-way was longer, but Brock was out of action for most of it. It is clear he doesn’t have the wind for a long match anymore. He can only wrestle for a few minutes. Perhaps, as Sandra as said on multiple posts, Lesnar is not cut out to be a champion.

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