Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will always be a part of WWE. No matter how big of an actor and movie star he becomes, people will always associate him with his wrestling persona. Rather than run away from it, The Rock embraces and loves his WWE fans. He’s always respectful to fans and doesn’t belittle wrestlers. He’s an incredibly busy guy but Rock still keeps up with the product and is always jumping into a conversation to give support.

But will he ever wrestle again? And if so, against who? There were long rumors that he would face off against Brock Lesnar. But what about another part-timer. What about The Game?

Here’s what Triple H had to say about a possible match with The Great One.

Transcript via NoDQ.

“About two years ago, he and I [The Rock] did a backstage promo with each other where we talked about WrestleMania and the competitive nature of it and it lit up the internet about the possibility of it. It’s something we’ve discussed. It’s just making schedules work, he’s pretty busy I am too. But hey, right place, right time? I’ll dance one more time with The Great One, Rock.”

Here is the segment Trips was talking about.

I remember when that happened. Goosebumps. Since then The Rock along with fellow WWE superfan and potential wrestler Ronda Rousey battled against the Helmsley-McMahon clan at an iconic Wrestlemania moment.

He also had a “match” against Eric Rowan that is officially the fastest match in WWE history. But it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll wrestle a full match again. He is far too valuable to Hollywood and the insurance costs alone would be prohibitive. That doesn’t mean The Rock can’t make appearances and MAYBE wrestle. Just don’t count on it.

Do you want to see The Brahma Bull in WWE one more time? 

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