The Best WWE Promos Of All Time!

Wrestlers don't just have to be good in the ring; they also have to bee good on the mic. Here are some of the best WWE promos of all time.

Everyone knows that a good promo can make the difference where viewership is concerned. Today, we take a look back at the promos that will be remembered forever! Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane?

Paul Heyman Destroys Vince McMahon

The king of the promo – Paul Heyman – is undoubtedly responsible for some of the best promos in WWE history. One of them was the so-called pipebomb he dropped on Vince McMahon, announcing the end of the WWF (the WWE of the olden days).

Triple H Becomes the New Leader of D-Generation X

When Shawn Michaels left WWE for several years due to a devastating back injury, the company set Triple H up as the new leader of D-Generation X. Naturally, this led to an unforgettable promo, where Triple H took the mantle as the D-X leader from Michaels.

JR Speaks With Mankind

It is a rare gift to fully submerge yourself in a wrestling character, but that was exactly what Mick Foley did when he invented Mankind. Even now, many people remember his Mankind persona the best, since nothing quite compares to the deranged nature of WWE legend Mick Foley.

Dusty Rhodes Speaking About Hard Times!

Dusty Rhodes will always be remembered for his “Hard Times” promo, a promo which is still quite applicable today. Let’s face it: anyone who is working hard and looks to wrestling for an escape will feel inspired by Dusty’s promo. I know I do!

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