strongman moves car

Sometimes, neighborhood disputes get a bit vindictive. Abi Mustafa learned this when her neighbors got mad at her for parking on the street. They apparently didn’t like that she parked by their house so they made her life challenging for a month.

That all came to a head when the neighbors parked their car in front of Abi’s driveway. This blocked her from being able to leave her home as her car was barricaded in by the neighbor’s car. But, Abi had a secret weapon in her arsenal that her neighbors likely didn’t know about.

Abi’s nephew is Hakan Acar, who is known as The Tulk, which is short for The Turkish Hulk. When he heard about these issues with neighborhood bullies, this strongman showed up to rescue his aunt. When he saw what the problem was, the solution was clear. He knew what he needed to do.

The time to politely ask them to move the car was over. This was an intentionally vindictive move. With what appears to be superhuman strength, The Tulk single-handedly moved the car, freeing up his aunt’s driveway. It’s crazy how strong he is as he appears to effortlessly move the car. It didn’t appear to be a big deal to him.

As you can see in the video below, people even stood by to watch as this was a rather extraordinary way to solve this problem. They didn’t need a tow truck when they had The Tulk!

I bet those neighbors will never mess with The Tulk’s aunt again. They would risk having their car moved and The Tulk knocking on their door. They will be inviting trouble if they bother Abi again!

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Source: Faith Tap