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During his opening monologue on Thursday, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took a break from his nightly mocking of President Donald Trump to attack First Daughter Ivanka Trump, instead; and he did not hold back, proclaiming that Ivanka “doesn’t know what words mean.”

Colbert was referencing a series of tweets from Vice writer Eve Peyser, who earlier this week decided to point out “a running list of words Ivanka Trump doesn’t know how to use.”

Piggy-backing off of Peyser’s mockery, Colbert said that Ivanka’s “got a ton of praise from the right for her poise and intelligence. At the same time, it turns out she doesn’t know what words mean.” He highlighted several instances of Ivanka’s misuse of words, including her infamous misunderstanding of the word “complicit” – something which Colbert had previously mocked her for back in April.

But Colbert took his criticism to a new low when he chided Ivanka for expressing her love for her family. Last month, Ivanka tweeted: “Cuddling my nephew Luke… the best part of an otherwise incredible day!”

As grammar sticklers pointed out at the time, Ivanka’s inclusion of the word “otherwise” in her statement actually implies that holding her nephew was the worst part of her incredible day. In response to the gaffe last night, Colbert said: “That is a dumb statement, in an otherwise stupid tweet.”

Yes, it’s true that Ivanka has incorrectly used words on several occasions; but she’s far from the only one. One cursory glance literally anywhere on the internet reveals that barely anyone these days understands proper grammar. Does that excuse Ivanka’s mistakes? No, but as a person in a prominent public position, everyone is far more aware of — and critical of — her mistakes than most.

So yes, while she may have goofed expressing her love for her nephew, calling her statement “dumb” and “stupid” is downright mean.

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