Kids react to baby announcement

In the amazing video below, three young kids had been praying for another addition to the household and it looks like their prayers were answered. What is awesome about this video is the way the children found out and their priceless expressions!

Mom sat the kids down and talked about what happened at the hospital earlier that morning. While the kids gave their mom their full attention, she broke the news to them and their reactions were amazing! Their laughter turned into pure excitement and eventually, tears of joy!

Yes, even the young son on the left side of the screen started to cry. Then, his sister started to cry. It wasn’t that they were angry or sad, they were just that happy and it made for an awesome video.

Credit: ViralHog

Seeing their excitement at the news of their new sibling shows that these kids will give their new sibling so much love and attention when it finally arrives!

Do you think this mom will ask her kids to pray again if they want another child? Their prayers have certainly been answered in the past!

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Source: YouTube

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