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Man on the street interviews can be rather eye-opening. It’s amazing how so many people lack basic knowledge of current American events or even American history. Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” segments do a good job of highlighting this.

Jay Leno’s History-Themed “Jaywalking” Segment Embarrasses Americans

In the video below, people don’t know who President Reagan was or even who won the Civil War!

The education system is so concerned with being politically correct and not hurting feelings that they have apparently failed at teaching basic facts.

We all forget details over time, but these people are asked very simple questions about some rather important things!

When you watch the Jay Leno “Jaywalking” video segment below, you might fear for the future of our youth.

However, you’ll definitely feel like Einstein compared to these folks!

Jay Leno Showed How Clueless Americans Have Become When It Comes To History

Didn’t we learn the answers to most of these questions by the third grade? It’s remarkable how stupid people have become.

It’s not as if Jay Leno was asking them to do geometry or algebra! These are basic facts.

How are they graduating from high school without being able to recite these things?

This is what can happen to your brain after a liberally indoctrinated education.

Perhaps the education system is trying to intentionally distort and neglect American history.

It’s hard to come to any other conclusion after seeing how so many millennials aren’t being properly educated. It’s hard to blame them when apparently they weren’t taught these things.

Mark Dice Interviews Millennials About History 

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual event.

Mark Dice took to the streets in California to interview millennials about America and history.

He asked a very simple question – Who won the Civil War?

Shockingly, he continued meeting people on the streets of America who did not know the answer.

Embarrassingly, the Canadian knew the answer.

The Americans Mark Dice polled also didn’t know the slaveholders were actually Democrats.

Click here to see that video.

It might make you lose faith in the next generation, but it will make you feel like a genius!

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