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How New Real Estate Investors Should Choose Their First Rental Property

When housing prices are too high or mortgages because unaffordable, many families choose not to purchase. Instead, they choose to rent a home until they can afford to purchase. What if you were the homeowner they were renting from? You may be able to earn some extra money each month by investing in real estate. And even if you’re breaking even on rent, you’re still building equity in an asset that can provide you with long-term wealth.

How to Find Rental Properties

Locating good properties for investments isn’t difficult. You just have to broaden your search. Start by looking at houses for sale near where you live. Having a rental property near where you live makes it convenient to check on your tenants when you need to. When you’re investing for the first time, it can be much easier to manage properties that aren’t miles away from you.

You may especially want to avoid purchasing a rental property that’s located in another state. It would take you several hours to get to the home to perform any maintenance that needs to be done on the house.

Of course, there may be a drawback to buying rental properties near you, particularly if the neighbors know you. For example, if the sellers know you’re an investor, it may affect how much they’re willing to sell the house to you for. They may be less willing to negotiate knowing that you intend to make a profit on the home sale. Consider using a buyers agent to purchase the home on your behalf if you think that your relationship to the sellers may cause problems for your home purchase.

The Best Property for a Beginner

When you’re considering which home you should purchase for your investment, take into account your own home repair skills. If you’re not very handy yourself, do you know someone who is? If not, consider purchasing an owner occupant rental property. Owners typically take much better care of their properties which will save you time and money on home repairs. This doesn’t mean you should skip the home inspection [1]; that part should always be part of the homebuying process. [2]

When you’re choosing a home for investing in, remember that you’re not purchasing your dream home. It doesn’t have to have all the amenities that you’d choose for yourself. However, it does need to be appealing to renters. It should be in good condition and need a minimum amount of maintenance. The less maintenance the home needs, the easier it will be for you to manage the property

New real estate investors may be so excited about the prospect of taking the steps towards becoming an investor that they miss out on the essential steps of choosing the best rental property. Don’t set your expectations so high that they’re unrealistic. Remember that you’re not purchasing the house of your dreams for yourself. Instead, you’re purchasing a rental property for the purposes of generating additional income.