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Cybersecurity is something everyone needs to be concerned about. A weak password can leave you vulnerable to hackers. Many of us create passwords that are easy to remember. Then, we use those passwords for multiple websites. Experts say this is like rolling out the red carpet for hackers.

Tech experts from AO.com have revealed the 10 most commonly used passwords in the UK. These take less than a second to hack. But, the passwords below aren’t the only ones that leave you susceptible to these online thieves.

123456                   1234567890

123456789            1234567

qwerty                    password

12345678              123123

111111                       987654321

It is also very easy for a hacker to gain access to your accounts if you use your name, your partner’s name, or your pet’s name in your password. With just minimal effort, a hacker can find this information and gain access to your accounts. Using the name of the street you grew up on, your favorite sports team, or your favorite place to vacation are also easily cracked.

There are some simple ways you can create a virtually hack-proof password. The experts at AO.com recommend using three words. Using a password such as “teabrownpicture” will take hackers 35,000 years to crack. Adding a number to that will lengthen that timeframe to 227 million years. Adding a number and a symbol will protect you for four trillion years!

You also should have a different password for each account. That way if your password is exposed somehow, hackers can’t use it to gain access to other accounts. This can be incredibly challenging as we each have so many accounts and it is cumbersome to remember them all. The quick video below has some great tips on passwords and how you can easily modify them for individual websites so you can remember them with minimal or no effort!

Using the first letters of each word in a sentence is brilliant. Adding a letter at the end to personalize it for each website would be relatively simple to remember, yet very hard to crack! This is a simple way to ward off hackers who are always trying to gain access to your account!

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Source: Daily Mail

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