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Claire Ryann Crosby has been captivating a lot of hearts for over a year. Her videos singing Disney songs have gone viral. She is such a sensation that Steve Harvey had her on Little Big Shots. Claire’s reaction to Steve is one that you need to see!

Claire made her big online splash singing “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. Together with her dad, three-year-old Claire made a top-notch video that displayed her singing abilities and racked up over 15 million views on YouTube.

Steve Harvey was impressed with Claire’s internet audience. When he had her on his show, he had some questions to ask her about her fame and how she chooses songs to sing. Her best reaction comes when Steve tries to sing “Beauty and the Beast.” Her face┬átells it all. She is not impressed with his singing, especially since he didn’t even know the right words!

You can see the adorable interview below.

Claire is as cute as she is talented. She and her dad have recorded a number of songs together that have tugged at heartstrings around the country. You can see her video that started it all below when she was just three years old.

Claire has been getting a lot of attention, but now it’s her dad David’s turn. The judges loved him during his blind audition on The Voice last month. He decided to be on Adam Levine’s team. Adam was pretty excited about this because he fell in love with David and Claire’s videos after his own daughter was born.

After his audition, the judges pleaded for Claire to come on stage and sing with him. It’s amazing that such a young child was able to perform in front of a large audience without notice! Video of that is below.

It’s pretty clear that Claire gets her musical talent from her dad. They have a rather tight father/daughter bond. Hopefully, we will see and hear a lot more from this duo in the future!

Claire doesn’t just sing Disney music. Click here to watch her sing the Christian song “Gethsemane.”

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