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Jared Tansey from Palace Pizza delivered some pies to an auto sales establishment in Westport, MA and proceeded with the sale as normal. After he left with what he perceived to be a seven dollar tip, the individuals who worked at the auto business called the pizza place and told the store how Tansey never returned their change.

When Tansey came back, he gave them the seven dollars in change, but not without delivering some common sense before he left. He explained what most modern people know, which is that it is customary to tip a delivery person, considering tips are their main source of income. That’s when the auto employees got very hostile. One of the business’ employees told him to get out before she put her foot up his rear end. Classy.

After Tansey left, mistreated and humiliated, the group had a great laugh about it. But it turns out, Tansey had the last laugh.

The video made its way to to the internet and instead of becoming a funny viral video, viewers went ballistic!

“Shame on you all for how you treated that pizza delivery man”

Watch the video below:

Credit: CNN

People who didn’t even know Tansey felt sorry about the situation he encountered and stood up for him by flooding the business with bad reviews. The auto store received so many negative reviews and calls that the owner had to issue a public apology to save face after his employees’ dishonorable actions. He fired the crass woman who threatened Tansey on the way out and offered him an unspecified amount of money to make the situation right. At least he tried to rectify the horrible incident.

What did you think of their actions? What would you have done?

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