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Alicia Fox Gets Fined for Shoving Referee!

Outside of locker room trials, the WWE [1] uses two ways to punish their wrestlers if they do something wrong. One way is a suspension, the other way is a fine! One of the latest victims of the WWE fine is none other than Alicia Fox [2]. Here is the story!

Shoving a Referee During Monday Night Raw

During an episode of Monday Night Raw, Alicia Fox [6] allegedly shoved referee Darrick Moore. Shortly aafterward the WWE released a statement that Alicia Fox has been fined for shoving a referee.

According to Cageside Seats, the fine is undeserved. In their opinion, the referee may or may not have tripped after accidental contact; this could mean that the fine is more of a storyline than actual truth! I wonder what angle the WWE [7] is working with Foxy?

Other Wrestlers Who Were Punished with a Fine

Several wrestlers have been punished with fines over the years. Here is a brief overview of some of the most prolific wrestlers to receive a fine from the WWE [8].

Andre the Giant

Yes, even the legendary Andre the Giant [9] has been fined by the WWE. While being filmed by a cameraman without his permission, Andre the Giant loss his temper, putting the cameraman in a headlock and damaging his camera. The result was a $233 to fix the cameraman’s equipment and $100 in damages. Of course, these amounts would be much higher these days.

Jake the Snake Roberts

wrestlers with drug problems

Jake the Snake [10] received his fine from the court, so not from the WWE; this after an altercation with John Bartlett. Altogether, Jake was fined $10,000, not including Bartlett’s medical bills and 100 hours of community service.

Daniel Bryan

Public favorite Daniel Bryan [11] also got fined by the WWE! His fine came right alongside a fine for Randy Orton since the pair exchanged some chair shots in a Street Fight on Monday Night Raw.

According to Triple H, the chair shots were not the issue, but more the location of the chair shots. During the heat of the moment, Bryan and Orton [12] did some chair shots to the head. Subsequently, there were fined an undisclosed amount. Even though the amount has never been disclosed, according to Orton, the fine was more than enough.

Austin Aries

Austin Aries

The fine Austin Aries [13] received came after a true heel moment, which was also quite fun in our opinion. However, the fine was not given by the WWE, but TNA (now Impact Wrestling).

During a promo with ring announcer Christy Heme, Austin Auries made some rude gestures; this included thrusting his crotch in the announcer’s face while gesturing to fans in attendance. While I was quite amused by it all, Hemme did not seem to appreciate it. Afterwards, TNA [14] decided to fine Austin Aries for his behavior. Austin Aries later apologized to Hemme.

What do you think about Alicia Fox being fined? What do you think about the fining policy of the WWE? Let us know in the comment section below!