Baron Corbin has been under tremendous scrutiny of late, not only by wrestling fans but also by the WWE. In addition to backstage heat and arguments with fans, it is rumored that the WWE discovered a concussion lawsuit against the NFL, where one of the plaintiffs was Baron Corbin.

The Lawsuit

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletterit is claimed that the WWE found out about a concussion lawsuit involving Corbin only last month. The lawsuit is said to have involved other football players too.

Dave Meltzer also wrote about the subject:

It also came out in the discussion that Corbin was one of the players suing the NFL in a concussion lawsuit, which makes things weird given he’s now working as a pro wrestler. Plus WWE apparently wasn’t aware of this fact until this past month.

Many people speculate that the WWE is far from happy about the lawsuit and Corbin’s involvement. However, we have to mention that there are no official statements from the WWE or Corbin about this matter at the time of this article.

The Endless Arguments with Fans and Fellow Wrestlers

While it is rumored that Corbin has a lot of backstage heat at the moment, it is evident that Baron Corbin has some problems with fans too. Of course, fans tend to forget he plays a heel persona, so rude responses are to be expected.

Corbin also tends to defend himself on Twitter and actually allows some trolls to be quoted on his social media. I personally have no problems if the man wants to defend himself, it is his right!

My Opinion

I think Corbin is a decent guy, but he’s outspoken. Unfortunately, being outspoken and in the WWE is not always a good mix. So, if I was a wrestler, I would probably have the same issues.

As for the lawsuit that is rumored to hang over his head at the moment, if the lawsuit is true, I honestly don’t think Corbin intended any malice by not mentioning it to the WWE. Let’s be honest, if you had the chance to work for a company like that, but had a lawsuit in your past against a major organization, would you mention it right off the bat?

Any news about Baron Corbin is being blown out of proportion at the moment; this is one of the reasons while I feel a need to defend the man. Just imagine, you get messed around by the company you work for, only to be barraged by endless trolls on Twitter.

Is Baron Corbin ambitious? Yes. Does that make him a bad person or poor wrestler? No. I’ve been following him since NXT and I honestly think he will do some great things in the ring. He just needs some time.

What is your opinion on Baron Corbin? Do you think he’s causing too much controversy? Or do you think he has the right to defend himself, just like anyone else? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below!

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