William and Kate wedding cake

A slice of royal history is up for sale. London’s Chiswick Auction House will be auctioning off a piece of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cake. The slice of cake will be up for grabs on September 27th. It will come in the original cream and gold tin that guests received when taking cake home from the 2011 wedding.

Prince William Kate Middleton cake

Bidding will begin at $1,300 but is expected to quickly skyrocket. This is the second slice of William and Kate’s cake to be sold. In 2014, a piece sold for $7,000. A piece of Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s cake sold for $6,000 recently. A slice of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s 1947 wedding cake sold in 2015 for $800.

These cake prices prove how popular William and Kate are. There is a good reason people were cheering the news that he might become the next King of England.

More information on this royal auction is in the video below.

This is quite the collector’s item. At that price and that age, it’s not something you will want to eat, though!

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Source: Fox News

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