skydiving with a rocket

Have you ever thought about skydiving next to a rocket? Well in the video below, you get a chance to view just that. Now don’t get too scared, the rocket is not real but it sure looks like it is!

These skydivers made this stunt look so effortless, it almost made me want to sign up for classes and do this myself. However, I forgot one important detail, I am afraid of heights unless I am in an airplane. My feet must be on a floor so I can feel grounded at all times.

Watch this amazing video here:

Credit: ViralHog

Here is a summary of how these skydivers came up with this unique jump:

A group of skydivers in Arizona decided to have a little fun when they took a model rocket on a skydive with them. Through some basic engineering, they were able to modify the rocket to deliberately give it a downward trajectory, all while maintaining a steady path.

There was a hair-raising moment when one of the jumpers accidentally made contact with the rocket by kneeing the rocket. The rocket erratically goes off course and almost hits the other jumper right in the ‘sweet spot’. If you watch closely you can see the jumper move his hands to protect his ‘area’. About the skydivers: All jumpers are highly skilled.

No matter how cool this stunt looks, there is no way I would actually go through with it. It is far too dangerous for my liking!

Would you ever attempt a dangerous stunt like this, even though it looks extremely fun? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: YouTube

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