Rumors surrounding John Cena’s retirement have been rampant since his loss against Roman Reigns during No Mercy. Fortunately, we have Nikki Bella to put the record straight! During an interview with Fox News, Nikki spoke out about the rumored retirement.

Nikki Bella’s Statements on the Dancing with the Stars Red Carpet

After another excellent Dancing with the Stars performance, Nikki Bella said the following when asked if her hubby is retiring from wrestling:

“I honestly don’t think he’ll ever retire. I think he’ll do that until his body won’t allow him to.”

Nikki also touched on the subject of John Cena making an upcoming appearance in the Transformers spin-off:

“I just think, John’s become more of a–, [It is believed she was going to say actor]”

“Not that it’s a full time thing but he has all these other opportunities and sometimes you just need to let your body heal as well.”

She also said something about John Cena passing the torch to fellow wrestling Roman Reigns:

“What I like is last night I really felt like he passed the torch and he’s found that one guy, Roman Reigns, that can really do what he does and just like what The Rock did for John and Stone Cold [Steve Austin] did for them and so last night, I think we witnessed the torch being passed on.”

Why Does Everyone Think John Cena Is Retiring?

The rumors about John Cena’s retirement started at No Mercy, where John Cena took his time leaving the ring after losing to Roman Reigns. He also seemed quite emotional in the interview with RAW Talk. Cena denied retiring, but he did seem to indicate he was going to slow things down. So, I believe we are going to see less of Cena in the future.

Cena is constantly speaking about “a transition” as well, which would indicate he will only wrestle for the WWE on special occasions. Honestly, I think the guy deserves the same elite treatment as the Undertaker, which would enable him to wrestler for a couple more years, just at a slower speed.

What do you think about Nikki’s recent statements? Do you think Cena has said goodbye to wrestling for Hollywood? Or do you think his body is getting too tired for brutal matches? Let us know in the comment section below!

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