Don Rickles Even Roasted Clint Eastwood’s Mom In This Classic Video!

Don Rickles Clint Eastwood

Don Rickles wasn’t worried about hurting anyone’s feelings. That was part of Mr. Warmth’s charm. As long it made people laugh, he wanted to hit you where it hurts!

At an All Star Party in 1986, Rickles paid tribute to Clint Eastwood in the best way he could – by poking fun at him. In a room filled with legendary stars, Mr. Warmth even teased Clint’s mother who was sitting at the table. He also took a stab at Charles Bronson who was nearby!

The video below is classic Don Rickles and it’s sure to make you laugh and miss the old days!

Today’s stars often take themselves too seriously. Thirty years ago, these stars could laugh at themselves. They also didn’t lecture us on politics during these shows. I miss the old days!

If you enjoyed this, you will love to watch Mr. Warmth go after Clint Eastwood at a Dean Martin Roast!

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