Fans Have Good Reason To Fear ‘Alaskan Bush People’ May Be Canceled

Alaskan Bush people season 8 return

Alaskan Bush People fans are still awaiting word on when Season 8 will begin filming. It looks as though they will have to wait even longer to hear that news. Discovery Channel hasn’t made an announcement about filming or if the show will even be renewed!

It was recently revealed the show would be filmed in the coming weeks since Ami’s first round of chemotherapy had ended. However, ABP Exposed has announced that production still doesn’t seem to be going forward. Discovery hasn’t said a word about Alaskan Bush People being canceled either, so everything is still up in the air. Fans don’t actually know if the Browns will return for the eighth season.

Ami has expressed a desire for the show to return. She wants viewers to witness her battle with cancer in hopes that it helps someone else facing a similar health crisis. “[There] are a lot of people that are going to be told one day that they have cancer. And that’s scary. I was nervous as a cat the first time I went in for radiation. I hope if people watch the show and see what I’m going through it will take away a lot of their fear,” the Brown matriarch said.

Money could be a motivating factor for the family to want to continue with the show. Cancer treatment is incredibly expensive. In addition to that, the Browns are looking to plant roots in Colorado. One thing is for certain – if Season 8 occurs, it will be a different show. They no longer live in Alaska. And some of the children have already expressed a desire to exit the show.

Bam Bam left the show in Season 6. It appears he will not be returning if another season is filmed. He reportedly wants to sail in the Bahamas with his girlfriend and possible future wife, Allison Kagan. Even though Gabe is with his family, he apparently doesn’t want to be on camera anymore.

In the season 7 finale, Noah announced that he wants to go a different direction. He doesn’t want to settle in California. He wants to live in a small town and become a sheriff. Ami and Billy were very supportive of this big decision, but know it will mean big changes to any future seasons. A video clip of that announcement is below.

Whatever happens with the show, the Brown family is experiencing many different transitions right now, the biggest one being Ami’s health. They are certainly all at a crossroads. As a decision awaits on Season 8, I will certainly be praying for this close family.

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Source: Inquisitr