The Signs That Indicate Dolph Ziggler Is Leaving the WWE!

The rumors about Dolph Ziggler’s impending departure from the WWE are everywhere. Of course, there are some signs that would indicate these rumors are true. Here are some of the main signs that indicate Ziggler may be leaving the company soon!

Too Much Talent on SmackDown Live

One of the reasons why Dolph Ziggler might be retiring is the simple fact that he is simply not needed on the SmackDown Live brand. Despite his experience and skill, Ziggler is being overshadowed by many wrestlers on the current roster. This also means that the brand would not fall apart if he would leave, so it could be an indication that the WWE is testing the water without Ziggler.

Wanting to Wrestle in Japan

According to Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler might be heading to Japan after leaving the WWE. Even though he would not be the first to do so, it would mean that Ziggler is not thinking about retiring from wrestler all-together.

Focused on Putting Over Other Wrestlers

Over the past year, it seems like Dolph Ziggler has not been focused on his own wrestling career, but rather on the wrestling career of others. Recently, he put over Shinsuke Nakamura during a rivalry, but nothing has been done with Ziggler since.

Unlikely to Receive a Big Push

With so much talent in the WWE at the moment, it is extremely unlikely that Dolph Ziggler will get a big push again. Even his story lines over the past couple of years have been minor, so it is unlikely the WWE is going to put in the effort of pushing Ziggler towards a championship again.

Failed Heel Turn

Dolph Ziggler went from baby face to a heel in 2017. However, his heel turn was less than successful. Many wrestling fans could not see the difference between baby face Ziggler and heel Ziggler because everything about him remained the same.

Opposed to using the same music and attire, Ziggler could have overhauled his entire character and become a major player on the current roster. However, since everything remained the same, the WWE Universe got tired of heel Ziggler quick!

Not Been Seen in Current Programming

Ziggler’s absence from current WWE programming has been extremely visible, causing wrestling fans to speculate even more about his impending retirement.

Dolph Ziggler has not appeared on SmackDown since the Fourth of July Show. During that show, he was also eliminated first, so he did not leave any lasting impression. It is also unlikely that Ziggler is going to be included in Summerslam, which means we will not see him at the pay-per-view for the first time since 2011.


There are many signs that seem to indicate Ziggler’s departure from the company is imminent, but there has been no confirmation from Ziggler himself.

Do you believe Ziggler is leaving the WWE soon? If he does leave and wrestle for another promotion, will you be watching him there? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below, and I look forward to reading them.