The Miz Appears Furious After Failed Summerslam Match-Up!

uch a promo happened recently when the Miz came out during Monday night Raw and appeared furious with the Summerslam match. Even though he won,

Everyone knows that the Miz tends to shoot promos that have some truth to them. Such a promo happened recently when the Miz came out during Monday night Raw and appeared furious with the Summerslam match. Even though he won, there were some reasons for the Miz to be furious. Here is the story!

An Almost Empty Summerslam Arena

The first match of the pre-show was a match between the Miz & his Miztourage, and the Hardyz & Jason Jordan. When they came out though, there was hardly anyone in the arena, forcing them to perform for a very small crowd.

Considering the Miz is the Intercontinental Champion, and the fact that match involved the Hardyz, the lack of spectators stood out like a sore thumb. When you watch the highlights video, you can easily see all the empty seats in the arena.

Why Was Barclays Center Empty?

There was a reason for the empty seats during the kick-off show because Barclays decided not to open the doors until the kick-off show actually started. A huge lapse in judgment, since big names such as the Miz and the Hardyz had to perform for an almost empty Barclays Center.

The Furious Promo

It is only natural that the Miz addresses the empty arena during his first appearance on Monday Night RAW. During his promo, he stated:

“So, this is what a sold out barclays center looks like, I wouldn’t know!”

After mispronouncing Barclays Center several times, the Miz continued to say how he had scraped and crawled for his opportunities for years. His fury was guided at almost everyone; this included Roman Reigns and John Cena.

But then he did it again!

More Than Just a Promo

Many fans got a vibe during the Miz’ promo, more specifically that this was more than just a scripted rant by the Miz. In fact, Dave Meltzer would later state on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Miz is really upset about his match during Summerslam. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be if they were the Intercontinental Champion?

Set in Stone

At the end of the day, it is about so much more than opening the doors late. It is about certain people getting countless opportunities, while others work their ass off and keep on getting hindered by WWE officials. The Miz is a prime example of this! Not only was he bullied by others during his early career, he is the Intercontinental Champion stuck in a pre-show match during one of the biggest events of the year. Even casuals can see the madness in that!

The Miz brings a lot of showmanship to RAW and is honestly one of the more interesting people to watch. So, why did he end up in the pre-show? The same applies to legends such as the Hardy Boyz, who should never find themselves in a pre-show match, to begin with! In my opinion, both parties were seriously wronged at Summerslam.

What do you think about the Miz’ latest promo? Does he have a point that certain people get all the opportunities? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below! We look forward to reading them!

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