Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals His Dream Match!

Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed who he'd most love to wrestle if he ever made an in-ring comeback.

If there’s a retired wrestler who I want to return to the ring more than anyone else, it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Think of all the glorious feuds that could be had! The matches that could be wrestled! The beers that could be consumed!

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Unfortunately, due to a series of knee injuries and a severe neck injury, Austin was forced to retire from in-ring competition. But “The Texas Rattlesnake” revealed on The Steve Austin Show who his dream opponent would be if he were ever to wrestle again:

“I gotta say Hulk Hogan. Because, one of the biggest draws in the history of the business. Everybody thought that match between ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan should have happened a couple years back and never did. Just for whatever reason, I didn’t feel like stepping back in the ring. I think Hogan was ready to go, but I wasn’t. And so, I never got a chance to wrestle that guy, and it would’ve been fun to be in the ring with him, because I was watching an old match on YouTube between Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan, and I watched how Hulk Hogan was down there on that mat and he was just selling his a** off. Paul Orndorff was just kicking the snot out of him, and then finally, finally, finally after all this heat, started making that trademark comeback… He started firing up that comeback, the people started going crazy, and I realized that guy wasn’t born on top, he worked his tail off to get to the top. So I’d say Hulk Hogan right off jump street.”

Hogan vs. Austin!

There’s no doubt Austin vs. Hogan would be a marquee match; they’re two of the biggest stars in the history of the business.


That being said, Hogan is not my dream opponent for Austin. As I’ve already written, my dream opponent for Austin is CM Punk. Seriously, the feud practically writes itself.

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