octopus hugs rescuer

A man who saved a beached octopus got an incredible response from the creature after putting it back in the sea.

The octopus looked quite small and nearly dead when Pei Yang Hung scooped it up in a cup. But, when it is put back in the water, the octopus quickly regains its form. After taking a minute to recover, it looks completely different.

Before swimming out into the water, the octopus did something very special for its rescuer. It swam over to Hung to give him a little hug as a sign of gratitude. This is rather remarkable and shows a different dynamic to this aquatic creature.

You can see the amazing video below.

We should always be kind to animals! Not only is it the right thing to do, but you also might be rewarded in spades as this man was!

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Source: Share Tap

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