Lizard CPR

How many of you have played with rubber reptiles as children or adults and pressed their bellies back and forth to signify the steps of CPR?

In the video below, a family found a drowning baby lizard in their pool. They didn’t know how long it had been unconscious but that didn’t stop them from trying to save its life.

If you listen to the family members talking, it’s almost like a television episode of ER. When they turned the lizard over after a few stomach pumps, not only did it recover but the joyous sound of the kids brought this video to life.

Watch this amazing video below:

This video brought a smile to my face, especially after I saw how happy the children were!

These kids will have a story to tell forever and I bet they will tell their kids about the time they saved a lizard from drowning.

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Source: Circa

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