Given the incident between Sexy Star and Rosemary, we decided to take a look at other wrestling matches that may have been a little too real! Read on to discover our shortlist!

Hardcore Holly & Brock Lesnar

All wrestlers know that Brock Lesnar is a dangerous man in the ring, and not always for the right reasons; this certainly became clear during a match between Brock Lesnar and Hardcore Holly.

Of course, the incident that resulted in the match was not completely one-sided. According to locker room gossip, Hardcore Holly was a bit of a bully in the ring. At the time, Lesnar was quite new to wrestling and just trying to get ahead. Unfortunately, Holly decided to pull the old ‘dead-weight” trick on Lesnar. Still, Lesnar executed his powerbomb resulting in Hardcore Holly breaking his neck.

Masahiko Kimura and Rikidozan

One of the oldest wrestling matches that ultimately turned a little too real was the fight between Masahiko Kimura and Rikidozan. The problem starts just over 2 minutes on the video, where a misplaced kick leads to an actual fight.

The story has a tragic ending because shortly after the fight, Rikidozan was stabbed in a nightclub by a man called Murata. He would later die in hospital from complications of the stabbing. Murata only served 7 years for the stabbing.

Daniel Puder and Kurt Angle

Another fight that turned a little too real was a fight between current RAW manager Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder. With the winner of Tough Enough being out of commission with broken ribs caused by Angle, the runner up Daniel Puder stepped up for the fight. There was some real aggression during this match, with Angle almost getting his arm broken. Fortunately, the referee spotted the danger and did the count before any real damage could be done.

Perry Saturn and Mike Bell

During a dark match with veteran Perry Saturn, Mike Bell experienced problems doing a snap mare take-down; this resulted in something worse.

Perry claimed that Bell almost injured him, to which he took the match into his own hands. He tried to get Bell out of the ring but did it in quite a forceful manner. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured during this incident.

Bill Goldberg and William Regal

When William Regal was set to leave WCW in 1997, the company decided to put William Regal in a true demolition match with Bill Goldberg. Naturally, William Regal refused to go quietly into that gentle night, leading to one of the most unorthodox fights in wrestling history.

To disrupt the squash match, William Regal pulled out all the dirty tricks he had in his book; this includes no-selling his moves and pulling the ‘dead-weight’ trick for the Jackhammer, the ultimate sign of disrespect.

What do you think of these incidents? And can you think of other incidents where a wrestling match turned a little too real? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below. We look forward to reading them!

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